Having trouble logging in?

There are no any specific username and password for Ntec Moodle, you can access the portal with your "@aspire2student.ac.nz" or "@aspire2.ac.nz" email credentials.

1. Enter your "@aspire2student.ac.nz" or "@aspire2.ac.nz" email account username and password.
2. Click "Sign-in with @aspire2student.ac.nz" button on the left

Please approach IT Support team in your campus or send an email to itsupport@aspire2.ac.nz

Login with your "@aspire2student.ac.nz" or "@aspire2.ac.nz" email and find more manuals for myNtec Moodle in main menu - "Moodle Help" or click here

Get in touch with myNtec Moodle Administrator via admin.moodle@ntec.ac.nz